Star Wars sequels defeated the plot points for the Original Trilogy

They especially defeated the plot points of Episode VI. Rise of Skywalker especially.

Warning that this post has spoilers for the Star Wars sequels including Rise of Skywalker

In Episode VIII, the Resistance is almost gone near the end of the show. “The galaxy has lost all its hope.” That means that VI didn’t finish the trilogy. The Star Wars sequels would ideally have been about rebuilding the Republic. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work. While ideally the sequels would start in 25 ABY, but the original actors are too old.

And Luke Skywalker’s Jedi are destroyed. We don’t see a new Jedi order in the sequels.

The movies do the original trilogy over again.

The movies also pretend that the prequels don’t exist. There’s no mention of any word that was first used in the prequels, except for “Sith” in Episode VII and “Darth Sidious” in Episode VIII. Mustafar appears in Rise of Skywalker though.

And in Rise of Skywalker, Palpatine’s back. That makes Vader’s sacrifice in Episode VI (Return of the Jedi) pointless. And the biggest SPOILER: Rey defeats Palpatine, not a Skywalker descendant like Kylo Ren. Disney creates their own Chosen One.

The Star Wars sequels also don’t seem to borrow anything from the Legends (formerly Expanded Universe). Which is also disappointing. Why didn’t it borrow the Eclipse class star destroyers, and why didn’t it borrow any planets or species?

Disney only cares about making money. But there’s more than that: the liberal democratic agenda. Being politically correct. But movies aren’t real life, so they don’t have to be politically correct in terms of feminism and gay romance. Movies don’t have to depict things the real life way.

Music and TV that went into obscurity

Xigmatek – nothing new since 2013, and all the songs disappeared from Spotify and the iTunes Store sometime from 2014-2016. Some are still available on My favorite songs are Aeon, Mind Effects and Electro Magnetic Brain, one of which is not available on Soundcloud either.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The TV Series – not available on Disney+. Soundtrack not on Spotify or the iTunes Store. Can’t purchase the TV series anywhere.

Tribute: the music in the intro backstory of The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. See Why? Because it’s like the movies or music pass into legend.

On Mohs scales of violence, rock and metal, and lyrical hardness

Reference: I think 2 to 3 is the max allowed for YouTube Kids, five is the max allowable for Restricted Mode, and 8 is grounds for age-gating. Classification as restricted is equivalent to PG-13 and up, TV-PG and up, and ESRB T for Teen and up. Age gating is equivalent to R and NC-17, TV-MA, and ESRB M and Adults Only 18+.

G and PG are allowable for YouTube Kids, as is ESRB EC, E for Everyone, and E10+

For Bob Jones University, look at the handbook. I think maybe 4 would be the max allowable on the Mohs Scale of violence hardness.

See Bob Jones University handbook forbids music that derives in whole or in part from jazz, rock, pop, rap/hip hop, electronic/techno, or country or their subgenres or any fusion of these. I’m going to say that 3 is the maximum on the Mohs scale or rock and metal hardness allowable for Bob Jones University. What would David L. Brown say? And what’s allowable for Pensacola Christain College? 2? – maybe 3 for YouTube Kids, and 6 is allowable for Restricted Mode. For Bob Jones University, maybe 5 is allowable. For Pensacola Christian College, I don’t know. Maybe 3.

I’m not ready to start a regular posting schedule. Maybe start four Fridays from now and check back every four weeks? I don’t have any drafts when I posted this

Pixar movie series ranked most to least kid friendly

Two weeks late to post. Running out of inspiration! Change the posting schedule to every four weeks!

Here’s the ranking:

  1. Toy Story series – definitely the MOST kid friendly.
  2. A Bug’s Life – a very close runner-up.
  3. Wall-E
  4. Cars series
  5. Finding Nemo series – has some mild violence mostly with fish.
  6. Monsters Inc. series – Monsters University is more dramatic than the original Monsters Inc. Monsters at Work is even more dramatic.
  7. Up – has some peril and action.
  8. Onward
  9. Coco
  10. Inside Out – it and some shorts may have some mature and thematic elements.
  11. Ratatouille – has some minor violence, a few mature elements and mild language… at least the latter is suggested as in “what the” and “son of a”.
  12. Brave
  13. Incredibles – has some action and violence. Perhaps the least kid-friendly scene of the first Incredibles is the opening where there’s a high-speed pursuit with shooting. Actually, the deleted scene “Alternate Opening” is unavailable in Restricted Mode on YouTube… Or at least it used to be. It’s actually less kid friendly than the actual movie. Such a deleted scene has some mature elements in the barbecue, and later, Syndrome’s aggression.

If there’s any Pixar movies I missed, say so in the comment and I will add them.

Generally, Pixar movies are more kid-friendly than Dreamworks movies. Pixar movies are also more kid-friendly than franchises like Ice Age and Despicable Me.

The three Cars movies are actually more kid-friendly than Planes and its sequel.

The Legend of Zelda 3D games most to least kid friendly

Some previous posts were late.

But anyway…

I will not list any Zelda games that I have not played

  1. Windwaker – definitely.
  2. Ocarina of Time
  3. Skyward Sword
  4. Majora’s Mask
  5. Twilight Princess

I’m not actually sure where to place Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess.

Never played Breath of the Wild, but I’ve looked a thing or two up about it and watched someone play it, and it is probably the least kid-friendly Zelda game.

Zelda isn’t all that kid-friendly. There are disturbing and creepy moments, especially in Majora’s mask. Besides that, there are examples of nudity in the Zelda series, like the topless Great Fairy in Twilight Princess and the Great Fairy in OOT and majora’s Mask revealing attire, but it doesn’t go beyond partial or impartial nudity. I will give references another day.

Pac-Guy series summary

WARNING: This post has SPOILERS for the Pac-Guy games! Read at your own risk.

Pac-Guy (later known as Pea-Guy) is not just a parody of Pac-Man.

Kan, a parody of Khan Noonien Singh, is the main antagonist.

Games in in-universe chronological order:

Pac Guy Resurrection – Parodies much of the Star Wars Original Trilogy. Pac Guy goes many places. Main antagonist Pac-Guy’s version of Emperor Palpatine. SPOILER ALERT (also a spoiler for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi): the Emperor is thrown into the reactor shaft by Pac Vader.

Pac Guy: Atomic Edition – Pac Guy avenges the destruction of his home city by Kan. He has a new, powerful gun. SPOILER ALERT: Kan’s ship self-destructs, destroying Kan and Pac Guy’s ship, but Pac Guy escapes in his space suit.

Pac Guy 2 – After the death of Kan, Pac Guy is back on his dirt farm for a rest. The main antagonist is the Bord, a parody of the Borg of Star Trek. SPOILER ALERT: The Bord King is overwhelmed by the power of the wall of lights and is defeated. In the end, Kan’s Force ghost appears and captures Pac Guy.

Pac Guy 2 Part 2: Pagoon – Kan’s ghost appears again and banishes Pac-Guy to a dangerous world of Pagoon. After all the levels are beaten, Pac-Guy returns to Earth but is too late. Kan is the supreme ruler and has turned Earth into a wasteland.

Pac-Guy 2: Part 3: Pacula’s Curse: Post-apocalyptic. Much longer than earlier Pac-Guy games. Pac Guy is voiced and so are other characters. Main antagonists: Vampacmires led by Count Pacula, Pac-Guy’s (and Pac-Man’s) version of Count Dracula. Hypertunnels featured. New Game Over in which Pac-Guy falls into the grave. SPOILER ALERT: in the end, Pacula is defeated, there are still 11 more nasty lords, and just before he passes, he starts a quick joke with a question but dies before he can finish the joke. But the answer of the joke is ”YOU!” (Pac Guy). Most of the land is restored by the Gia. After making it through the Hyper-Tunnel, Pac-Guy finds Uncle Patches frozen in carbonite. Pac-Guy is stunned and then pushed off and falls.

Conclusion: Pac Guy series never ends happily ever after.

Star Trek movies and TV shows most to least kid-friendly

I will give separate lists for movies and TV series. I will not list animated TV shows. I might get some of them wrong because I haven’t watched a lot of them. I will only list the ten Star Trek films before the reboot, because none of the reboot films (Star Trek, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Star Trek: Beyond) are any more kid friendly than any of the ten films. I will also not list shows like Star Trek: Discovery or Star Trek: Picard


  1. Star Trek: Generations
  2. Star Trek: The Motion Picture – the only Star Trek movie that’s rated G.
  3. Star Trek: Insurrection – has some juvenile humor
  4. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
  5. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  6. Star Trek: First Contact
  7. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  8. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
  9. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  10. Star Trek: Nemesis

TV Shows

  1. Star Trek: Enterprise
  2. Star Trek: The Original Series – has some mild language
  3. Star Trek: The Next Generation
  4. Star Trek: Voyager
  5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

I’m not actually sure if the third should be third, fourth, or fifth. I’m not very experienced with them.

Top 9 greatest (space opera, superhero fiction, action-adventure, sci-fi, science fantasy(SF Otherworlds and Sword & Planet), neutropian fiction, mixed utopian+dystopian, thriller, tech noir, Cybergothic, post-cyberpunk, Urban fantasy, atompunk, tragicomedy and dramedy) collaborative/shared universes 

1) Marvel Universe/Multiverse/Megaverse

2) Star Trek

3) Star Wars

4) DC Multiverse

5) Mass Effect

6) World of Warcraft

7) Alliance-Union Universe

8) Farscape

9) Babylon 5

No, I won’t count Battlestar Galactica on this list.

Greatest movie companies:

  1. Universal
  2. Walt Disney
  3. Paramount
  4. 20th Century FOX
  5. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  6. Warner Bros.
  7. Columbia

Greatest video game companies:


2. CCP

3. Bioware

4. Cryptic Studios

Greatest gaming engines:

  1. Abyss
  2. Big World
  3. Frostbite
  4. Unreal
  5. Unity

Greatest API:

1. Vulkan

2. OpenGL

3. DirectX

Space fantasy universe idea

Sorry I am a week late.

I have an idea for Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons in space. Also similar to World of Warcraft and Shannara Chronicles (if I spelled it correctly).

Planet of the Elves, Planet of the Dwarves, and the Planet of Men. Maybe the latter could be Earth.

Maybe a “Moon of the Halflings.” Should it orbit a gas giant planet?

And the planet where orcs, goblins, and trolls live is an evil planet where the Dark Lord (a demon or devil similar to Sauron and Morgoth) resides. It has volcanoes and thunder and lightning.

Orcs and goblins operating starfighters. And the Dark Lord’s fleet includes space cruisers operated not only by orcs, goblins, and trolls, but elves and men as well. Elves and men that joined the Dark Lord. The space cruisers of the evil fleet may look evil as well and be black. Also Orc transports. Trolls may push things onto the transport.

There are Elves and Men that resist the Dark Lord and operate starfighters and space cruisers as well. They’d be a bit lighter-colored. Any gold?

I’m not good at naming characters or places.

There’d be jumpgates between the planets of Elves, Men, and Dwarves.

There’d also be magic in the fictional universe.

Maybe other fictional creatures besides what I mentioned and named here.

LOTR Spoiler below:

No four-fingered characters like Frodo in Lord of the Rings after gollum bit his finger off. Instead, in my idea, there’d be prosthetics like Star Wars.